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Chooky Caldwell The Music Is Subject 2 Change

Antone Caldwell, a.k.a Chooky, is the new whats happening on the pop scene from the east coast to the left coast from New York to L.A. Chooky is a multi-dimensionally endowed musical artist and fine arts connoisseur. A native of … Continue reading

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The Business of Selling Songs

Music is made and then sold to the public at large. Many artist are trying very hard to sale their music and make money doing it. Selling music in public venues ,or on the internet is the new medium for … Continue reading

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The Artist Prince @ Billboard Awards

The artist known as Prince was given the Icon Award last night at the Billboard Awards Show. Prince who is now in his 50′s seems to still have the swag of a youngster. He performed some old classics over rock … Continue reading

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Have You Built Your Team

As a songwriter you need to put your team in place to make sure you get the most out of your songs. A team of co writers, attorneys, a&r, and marketing agents who can help make the process of pushing … Continue reading

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Songwriting Tools that Help you Excel

Songwriters got keep the necessary tools near by in order to become the best writer they can be. A network of people and certain tools or even software can help you spin out great songs. The 7 Best Songwriting Tools … Continue reading

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Where Do Songwriters Gather

Songwriters are probably the least talked about in the Music Industry. Songwriters are really the life blood of the songs you here on the radio. The question that I have is where do songwriters gather to network ? It’s very … Continue reading

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Songwriting Books For Songwriters

Most songwriters don ‘t know where to go to market and promote their songs. Information is the key to getting your songs to write artist. Their are several ways to look for information or songwriting, but you should always get … Continue reading

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Is The Music Industry Ready for Lupe Fiasco

Every since Lupe Fiasco came into the industry he has not really been embraced by the establishment of power brokers like such artist as 50 cent, T.i. , or Lil Wayne. Lupe has been fighting to stake his claim as … Continue reading

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Angela Durden of Second Bight Publishing

If the project involves words, ANGELA K. DURDEN has probably chosen them for it. “I can’t help it. I’ve loved words since I knew what a word was,” Durden said. “I was hooked on using them from the time I … Continue reading

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Do Song Writers Need A Manager

As a song writer you wont have time to handle are your business. So getting a manager to manage all your most of your music business is critical to your survival. It is most important for you to have a … Continue reading

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