Is Neo Soul Ever Getting Justice

Neo Soul or New Soul is a term that has come about after the seventies. After R&B of the 60′s and 70′s new soul started. Artist that I can remember coming into existence during

Soul Music (novel)

the 90′s where Erica Badu, De Angelo, Balil, Music Soul Child, India Irie, Jill Scott, and a host of others came into existence. Many artist during the 90′s from this genre of music really started touching the souls of people. Artist in these genres were gaining a lot of fame, but the music community has not pushed this New Soul, or Neo Soul to the masses of music lovers. Is Neo Soul every going to get justice ? I don’t really think so cause the people are not demanding the radio stations play more of these artist.

The music community has not pushed these, or other artist to the forefront of the music business. I wonder has soul music been compromised and put on the back burner ? Neo Soul is an art form that is most need to heal and up lift the soul of people.

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WHAT IS NEO SOUL POETRY:Its History, connection to Hip Hop, Soul Music and its role in Black Culture

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