Songwriters Music Publishers Attack Consumer Groups

It appears that music songwriters, and publishers don’t yet recognize that going on the

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attack against groups representing public interests, and consumers’ rights is a strategy destined to backfire. They just keep doing it, and it’s really making them look both petty and petulant, with no desire to actually understand these issues. Instead, they just think the world owes them their business model, and anyone looking out for larger interests is, quite literally, “the enemy.” We’ve already covered ASCAP’s (long planned) attack on Creative Commons, EFF and Public Knowledge. These attacks are so distasteful that even many ASCAP supporters are upset about them.

Now, it appears that the National Association of Music Publishers is getting in on the misplaced anger. In a recent speech, its CEO, David Israelite lashed out at these groups, and lumped CEA and CCIA into the bunch. CEA and CCIA, of course, have both been pretty strong supporters of making sure that copyright law is not harming innovation or the economy. These are important issues if you believe that a stronger economy is important for everyone — including musicians and songwriters — but it appears that Israelite and the NAMP take a very narrow, zero-sum view of the world, which is that, if the gov’t isn’t handing over greater and greater protectionist policies, something’s wrong — and anyone who supports looking at the actual evidence should be shouted down as an enemy. It’s not a position that can be supported by logic, so it’s pure emotion:

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Anti-Copyright Group “Fight for the Future” Ignores Its Own

In my last post, Hillicon Valley Gets Duped by Anti-IPR “Activists,” I noted that a group called “Fight for the Future” was dead wrong about the effects of S. 978, a bill proposing that the criminal penalties for high-volume, intentional, people who buy online music legally—and the hard work of everyone who made that possible, including songwriters, recording artists, music publishers, performing-rights organizations, record labels, Apple, and the late Steve Jobs.

Publish Date: 11/21/2011 9:22

Copyright War Escalates With NMPA Joining ASCAPs Attack on

During our discussion with Public Knowledge, Art Brodsky also informed us of another organization that was attacking consumer groups. The transcript of a speech by the CEO of the National Music Publishers Association

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Publish Date: 06/30/2010 1:37

Cee Lo Green: Making Millions Even If His Albums Don’t Sell | Techdirt

The article is really much more about Primary Wave Music, a music publisher/management firm that seems to totally get the economics of the music business today — that by selling the scarce they can make a hell of a lot more money That is, artists like Cee Lo, with the help of companies like Primal Wave, are recognizing that if you use the infinite goods — such as the music — to make the scarce goods (like Cee Lo himself or his endorsement) much more valuable,

Publish Date: 12/28/2011 12:52





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