You Mean To Tell Me You Really Can’t Sing

Time 100 2006 gala, Jennifer Lopez.

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I know this title may sound a little funny, but the truth is most artist who sing need help with their vocals. I just listen to some Jennifer Lopez, and I have heard many people say that she can’t really sing. Studio enhanced technology is what gives some artist the edge when it comes to their voices sounding really sultry or soulful over the radio.

If you are an aspiring singer I would suggest that you get you a vocal coach so that you can get your vocals together.

Anyone Can Learn How to Sing With A Singing Instructor | My

Anyone Can Learn How to Sing With A Singing Instructor. By: RichardCalvin. Improve your vocal range by creating a vocal exercise session that you can work at every day. You may have limited vocal range at first but practicing on singing

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Sing Well With Simple Singing Exercises

A person has lots of choices when it comes to learning to sing. Hiring a voice coach can be a big help or try to do the do it yourself approach. Many people find that it becomes expensive when hiring a voice coach. Therefore to save money

Publish Date: 08/17/2011 3:00

You Too Can Learn How To Sing Well | Free Article Directory

It is required to have dedication and effort while practicing learning how to sing a song. Following rules and principles that involve any sort of music is important. A great commitment should be in a person since rules may vary,

Publish Date: 10/03/2011 19:32

You Can Learn How to Sing Better | Go Article City

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Maybe you would like to be a member of a rock band or you might like to be able to sing a song in tune. It is an embarrassment to a singer who sings and warbles way out of tune but it’s a pleasure to listen a singer who has a melodic voice.

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How To Sing Better And Improve Vocal Range

Learning how to sing need to have effort and dedication. Additionally, any form of music involves certain principles and rules to be followed. The rules may be different but singing’s basic principles require commitment from an individual, most

Publish Date: 10/03/2011 22:49

Before You Sing In Public… Learn How To Sing – Shocking Video Learn how to sing before you sing in public or you could end up on some talent show as one of the bad singers and that’s not too cool. You could spend a lot of cash on singing lessons or get a lot of singing tips and maybe you could learn…


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